Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

After papers have been submitted at


1. The Department Editor in charge will review the paper to determine if it should start the JFMI review process. It will start the JFMI review process if:

  • the paper's research domain falls within the scope of the journal's editorial mission and
  • the paper has the potential to make a relevant contribution to the literature and if it is considered suitable for publication in the JFMI.

In the case that the paper does not fulfill these conditions, the Department Editor will notify the Author that the submission has been rejected, providing an explanation.

2. If the Department Editor sends the paper out for review, a double-blind review process shall apply. The reviewing process will consider a series paper attributes, such as whether the material is original and worthy of investigation, if references are updated and appropriate, if the paper is logically/technically correct, and if the academic interpretation is sound and justified.

3. The Department Editor will collect the review comments and share any decision on the paper with the JFMI Editorial Board. The Department Editor in charge will notify the Author about the JFMI decision, enclosing a copy of the reports received.

The objective of the JFMI is to complete the review stage within approximately 70 days, conditional on the review process being carried out according to our optimal time-schedule. After 90 days, authors may contact the Department Editor in charge to inquire about the status of their manuscript.

Submission Fee Waiver Policy

JFMI waives submission fees only for papers selected by the Scientific Committees of Academic Conferences that have been explicitly chosen by the JFMI Editorial Board. At the moment, this includes papers selected by ADEIMF as publication-quality level at the ADEIMF Conferences.

Fast-track Service

The Editorial Board may agree with the Scientific Committees of selected Academic Conferences to allow a Fast-Track service for papers which were selected within such Conferences. The quality guaranteed by the selection process of these Scientific Committees, allows JFMI to use a single-blind review that is expected to take no more than 30 days from the date of submission.

Open Access Policy and Editorial Responsibility

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Publisher Il Mulino endorses specific guidelines as far as editorial responsibility is concerned.